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The 5 Dumbest Things to Say in a Job Interview

The 5 Dumbest Things to Say in a Job Interview

We all know the classics: bringing up salary right away, speaking poorly of your former employer, and the inexcusable “Excuse me while I take this call.” Here are five more items to add to that list.
Interview Preparation
5 smart interview strategies for executives

Interview Strategies

Learn guaranteed ways to ensure your success in the most stressful part of the executive job search: the interview.
Interview Questions
Illegal interview questions that employers shouldn't ask you

5 Job Interview Questions that Are Illegal to Ask

Watch out for these red flags and learn how to reply if you're asked an illegal question.
Interview Appearance
The 6 worst things to wear to a job interview

The 6 Worst Things to Wear to a Job Interview

Before you schedule your next interview, be sure to review this list of the six worst things to wear for a job interview.
4 follow up email after interview examples

Interview Follow-Through

The way the interview ended left you hopeful. Now you wait. But you still have some control over the process by following up. Here are some tips.
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