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The 5 Dumbest Things to Say in a Job Interview

The 5 Dumbest Things to Say in a Job Interview

We all know the classics: bringing up salary right away, speaking poorly of your former employer, and the inexcusable “Excuse me while I take this call.” Here are five more items to add to that list.
Interview Preparation
How to nail the job interview when you’re not 100% qualified

Although a Harvard Business Review study found that 46.4% of men and 40.6% of women didn’t apply to jobs because they didn’t think they had the qualifications to get hired, the truth is, that’s often a false perception. You can land the job even if you’re not 100% qualified.
Interview Questions
Interview questions for a customer service job

Customer Service Questions

Want to shine in your next customer service interview? Prepare and practice your answers to these common customer service interview questions.
Interview Appearance
The 6 worst things to wear to a job interview

The 6 Worst Things to Wear to a Job Interview

The job interview is your chance to make a great first impression, so don't wear the wrong thing. Know what's appropriate and what's not before you show up. These are the six worst things you could wear to your next interview.
Get interview feedback

Interview Feedback

To get the job, you have to ace the interview. Learn how to get a critique of your performance and move ahead.
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